Gallito API & Dialogue Manager

Gallito API® & Dialogue Manager® are part of a framework designed and developed by Semantia Lab, a spin-Off created with the academic and institutional support of the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) and mainteined by a consortium formed by Semantia Lab and Re- Inventa, a technology Company with a big experience in Contact Centers and digital transformation of work processes. This framework is the result of many years of research in computational models of Cognitive Science.


The engine of both API and Dialogue Manager are available to companies, researchers and anyone interested in treating text automatically and managing conversations.

Both tools are SOAP/REST services hosted (on a private cloud or on-premise), ready to answer third-party system requests fast Even though GallitoAPI has pre-built generalist knowledge that can work efficiently, it can also be cloned, creating a GallitoAPI farm, in such a way that, for example, each API has a specific knowledge or specific settings, in order to cover different tasks and requirements. It is also language independent.

Where knowledge meets conversation

Gallito API exposes a set of functions mainly based on probabilistic techniques, n-dimensional spaces, neural network models, stochastic models of language, information theory techniques, pattern detection and also rule-based mechanisms. It receives texts and analyses their content in various ways.

It is the core for many configurations of information processing. Massive clues from text to feed your bussiness. Gallito API

Gallito Dialogue Manager is a conversational technology to deploy systems which talk capabilities (e.g. chatbots). It has several sources of knowledge, their own base of knowledge and the one which arise from their integration with other sources, as for example the semantic models provided by Gallito API.

With the knowledge sources and conversational estrategies, it can be deployed a conversational agent. In the future, all the feedback to clients and users will become conversation. Dialogue manager


Code repository for clients for third-party system

Consulting Services

Do you want a demo or a deployment within your bussiness knowledge domain

Digital Transformation

Transforms your processes with the semantic footprint technology